The easy way to manage school payments online

Powerful Cashless Platform for Independent Schools

  • Removes the burden of handling cash & cheque payments
  • Provides an efficient way to manage trips & other income, reclaiming hundreds of administration hours
  • Enables tuition payments to be made online, streamlining the collection process

Improve efficiencies, streamline administration

sQuid makes managing school-related payments effortless. The cashless platform eliminates the need to count, reconcile and bank cash and cheques, significantly reducing the associated administration time and costs as all payments are made online.

Manage school income and parent communication

Easy-to-use system to manage payments and administer trips, clubs, school-related bookings, ticket sales and donations. Enables schools to manage parental consent together with payments online. Fully-integrated communication module to send personalised messages to parents.

Accept tuition payments online

Streamline the school fees collection process - efficiently manage payments and receipts, and send notices when payments are due.

Manage school catering

sQuid integrates with all major epos providers. Parents can view meal options and provide their choices in advance, significantly reducing wastage in the kitchen, and improving your environmental impact.

Convenient mobile app for parents

Available for iOS and Android devices - enables parents to make fast and easy payments with full account transparency.

Dedicated training and support for schools, unrivalled support for parents

A named account manager for every school, providing full training on all sQuid services, and 1st line customer support for parents.

The Grammar School at Leeds consolidated the management of catering, trips and student transport payments using sQuid

"We were looking for a payment solution that would cohesively bring our processes together. Parents and office staff have found that the system is streamlined now, and parents are no longer confused about what to use and when, resulting in improved

usage of online payments. We've seen a huge leap in accuracy and reduced administration time - it's a more reliable solution that makes the finance department's working day easier."

Alice Eaton, Finance Manager, The Grammar School at Leeds

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